The Broad Range Of Prohormones Available For You

Flagging testosterone is the nightmare of many athletes and body builders. This not the case, especially with a broad range of prohormones available in the market. The tricky part though comes when you rummage through a myriad of options to settle on the best prohormone that will best suit your needs. Here is an overview of some the best prohormones that may be perfect for your body building needs:

11 — KETO

Andresterone otherwise referred to as 11-Ketotestosterone is an example of the top prohormones for sale that will give you middle range results. Also referred to as 11-KETO, this prohormone is suitable for beginners since it offers great gains in muscle building with minimal side effects. 11-KETO provides various results based on the dosage that one takes. The low dosage of the andrenosterone pro hormone effectively controls cortisol, which will harden your muscles even as you lose your fat. On the other side, a high dosage of 11-KATE results into lean mass gains.


The 6-BROMO is another popular prohormone, especially in the UK markets. It is made up of two isomers, which are the 6-alpha-bromo and the 6-beta-bromo. It works through attaching to the aromatase enzyme thereby preventing it from aromatizing androgens. This means that the prohormone provides a barrier that effectively stops testosterone from coming into contact with other enzymes. This will prevent your testosterone from converting into estrogen through the process called aromatization.Therefore, when you need to optimize your body system in order to restore its ability for producing testosterone 6-Bromo is the solution you are looking for.  Also referred to as the 6-alpha-Bromidione, this prohormone will not only to attain balance on your hormonal levels but will also restore the right amounts of testosterone in your body.


ATD is not only a an effective aromatase inhibitor but is also a component of supplementary stack that has testosterone boosters. As an aromatase inhibitor ATD controls estrogen, thereby preventing the testosterone from aromatising into estrogen. Therefore, the use of ATD will increase the levels of testosterone in your body through preventing its conversion into estrogen. The higher the levels of testosterone in your body the more your strength and muscles will increase and also the more your body fat will decrease. When ATD is used alongside a workout regimen, it makes the aromatase enzyme to remain permanently disabled.


Super Androl or Superdrol is one of the most powerful prohormone supplements in the market today. It is effective in helping athletes reduce any excess body fats as they develop lean muscles. This performance enhancing prohormone is widely used amongst athletes and the body building fraternity. It will help you preserve lean tissues at the times when your body is experiencing caloric deficit.

At such time Superdrol ensures that your body only loses fat without taking energy from your muscles. Superdrol therefore, is effective when it comes to improving recovery and developing muscles endurance. It is advisable that when taking Superdrol, you start with low dosage and as your tolerance increases, you increase the dosage to your desired range.


P-Mag or Promagnon is another great pro hormone that will help you attain strength and lean hard muscles. The promagnon is a re-partitioning compound whose aromatizing formula makes it a perfect solution for lean bulking and hard bulking. Its popularity is based on its consistent muscles gains and minimal side effects. It is, therefore, highly recommended for beginners.

When using P-Mag to bulk, expect an increment in strength to register at an average of 7 kilograms within a period of about 6 weeks cycle. You also should expect your body fat to shed at a rate of about 2 %. Additionally,  the androgenic substance in P-mag will also keep your libido levels positive. Since it is a methylated prohormone, it is recommended that while using P-Mag, you should at least also take a liver support supplement.

Bottom Line

By and large, as a body builder looking to buy prohormones, it is not just enough to know that your testosterone level needs some bumping or that they are threatened. Equally important is knowing what a particular prohormone will do for you and whether to pick it as opposed to the others in the basket of options before you. For instance, if you haven’t done any steroid cycle before, the best prohormones on the market for you will be the ones that contain single hormones. If you are experienced prohormone user, on the other hand, you may need compound pro hormones.