Five Problems Bodybuilders Frequently Experience In Their Cutting Cycles And How To Avoid Them

Your cutting cycle is basically the clean-up phase of your bodybuilding plan. This is when you start hardening up all of the new muscle that you’ve recently gained and stripping away stubborn fat stores that are covering your muscles up. Cutting is usually far less intense than the average bulking plan. Moreover, the absolute best cutting cycle will finally allow you to achieve the look you’ve long been waiting for. Before searching the web for the best cutting stacks or implementing a standalone steroid cutting cycle, however, there are a few important things that you should know. Following five of the most common mistakes that bodybuilders make during this portion of their training programs.

No Rest And No Post-Cycle Support

Unless you started using steroids with an excess amount of body fat on your frame, all of your cutting cycles have likely followed a very long bulking plan. If you haven’t done sufficient research and aren’t seeking advice and information from your fellow weightlifters in bodybuilding forums, you may be operating on the very dangerous and mistaken assumption that a bulking stack and a cutting stack can be safely ran back to back. In reality, however, steroid cutting cycles should only be started after your body has had ample opportunity to rest and recover from your latest bulking endeavor. If you spent ten weeks bulking, then you should probably spend another ten weeks working your way back to a state of physiological balance and health. At the very least, bodybuilders should take at least four to six weeks to use post-cycle recovery products before starting their steroid cutting stacks.

2. Not Eating Enough

The need to feed cannot be over-stressed. On average, people tend to lose about 30 percent of their total gains even during their very best cutting cycles. The body does not immediately know how to support all of the muscle that’s been so rapidly developed while bulking.  It takes time to adjust to these changes and it will certainly take time for you to develop a better understanding of your calorie needs. Thus, the best steroid cutting cycles always include protein and nutrient-dense eating plans. Trust in the products that you’ve chosen to help your body burn off stored fats, rather than going on a strict deprivation diet. Instead of loading up on relatively simple carbs like pasta before hitting the gym, go for rich array of complex carbs right after, while always being ever mindful to include things like lean chicken or turkey breast, fish, beans, nuts and nut butters.

3. Not Doing Enough Cardio

The best steroid cutting stack is not meant to strip you of excess fat on its own. This is not something that you can feasibly accomplish by simply cutting down your consumption, nor should you try. During a steroid cutting cycle, you need to work on weights as a means of retaining your mass, but you shouldn’t be working so aggressively as to build new mass. Instead, you should be engaging in plenty of cardio to balance everything out, ramp up your metabolism and burn calories. The rowing machine is great and if you happen to have an actual canoe, take it out on the water for the real experience. You can go jogging, cycling or use the elliptical machine. These are the efforts that are going to help you shred fat faster, along with the fat burning elements that have been incorporated into your best cutting stack.

4. Maintaining The Wrong Bulk To Cut Ratio

The general assumption is that every bulking cycle must be followed by a steroid cutting cycle. In reality, however, this is hardly ever true. You must take a break after every eight to ten weeks of bulking for the sake of letting your body heal. Based upon your physique, your goals and your overall sense of well-being, you can then bulk again or start working on cutting. A one to one bulk to cut ratio is one cutting cycle to every one bulking cycle. A one to two ratio is one cutting cycle to every two bulking cycles. This tends to work best for people who are trying to gain a lot of mass and who want to minimize their cutting cycle losses. For some people, the best steroid cutting cycle always comes after three consecutive bulking cycles. You will have to find out which ratio is right for you.

5. Not Choosing Cutting Stacks Carefully

How your steroid stack is formulated does matter. Spend some time reading up on what other people are saying about these products before investing in and using one. Not all steroid cutting stacks are going to work the same for everyone. If you spend some time looking for a combination that is best aligned with your needs and goals, you’ll have a far better cutting experience all around.