From Flab To Fit: Planning Your Best Steroid Cycles

Many people imagine the best steroid cycles as being able to take relatively scrawny individuals to entirely new levels of shredded mass. While a steroid stack can certainly make a very small person much bigger and stronger, it can also be used to make a larger person firmer, harder and incredibly fit. If you’re just getting started with bodybuilding and you happen to be overweight, following is everything you need to about planning and having an amazing steroid cycle.

Start From A Point Of Health

Steroid cycles are hard on the body. In general, they usually run about eight to 12 weeks, depending upon your goals, how you feel mid-cycle and what your dosing schedule is. Before you search for and start using the best steroid stack, you have to make sure that your body is capable of standing up to the demands that you’re about to place on it. Keep in mind that your liver health, digestive health and your blood pressure are all going to be in some way adversely affected by the significant increase in physical demands that steroid use entails. Thus, if you happen to be severely overweight, start doing your best to burn calories and shred fat well ahead of any supplementing. The best steroid stacks are designed to help you do what you’re physically incapable of doing on your own. Until you actually push yourself to your physical limits, you won’t know what these limits are and you won’t have any real chance of surpassing them.

Deciding Which Steroids Cycles Are Right For You

You don’t necessarily have to start with the best steroid stacks for cutting, even if you have some excess fat to strip off. Whether you should bulk or cut during your initial steroid cycle is largely dependent upon your percentage of body fat. If your body fat percentage is too high, you won’t be getting optimal benefits from a bulking cycle given that your naturally increased insulin levels will be working against you and any product you take. With excess insulin on board, your body will be putting the additional resources from the steroids into your muscle tissues, but it will also be putting these resources into your adipose cells. Find out what your ideal body fat percentage is for your height, gender and age and then move as close to this as you possibly can before starting your steroid stack.

Different Types Of Body Fat

It is also important to be cognizant of the differences in body fat types. Your body stores two different types of fat. These are subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat that you can touch and see. Scoop up a nice chunk of flab around your mid-section and you’ll be holding subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is not quite as harmless. This is the yellowish, unhealthy fat that surrounds the major, internal organs when people are severely overweight. You’ve likely got a lot of it if you have a round, distended belly, but not a lot of fat that you can pinch. If you have massive amounts of visceral fat, always get your body weight under control before starting steroid cycles of any type. Visceral fat and plenty of it is a good indicator of waning health. You want to get your general health at top levels before using performance enhancement products of any type.

On And Off Cycle Support

Once you have completed your best steroid cycle, you’ll truly understand that these products are for people who are committed to working out and to taking diligent care of their bodies. Bulking and cutting steroids take a toll on your body and thus, you should never really use or rely on them to do what you’re already capable of doing yourself. It is far better to build the best physique that you possibly can before using performance enhancement products of any type, whether these are steroid stacks, prohormones or even simple fat-burning supplements. Test the limits of your body, reach them and then use the best steroid stacks to extend them.

Once you end a steroid cycle, whether this is a bulking or a cutting program, be sure to give your body an adequate amount of rest. You’re also going to need a few off-cycle, recovery products to minimize or mitigate any adverse changes that have occurred. The best steroid stacks come with in-built, on-cycle support that promotes ongoing liver and joint health, optimal allocation of nutritional resources, balanced blood pressure and good digestion. Don’t start a steroid stack without getting your on-cycle support in place and don’t end a cycle and begin a new one without recovering first.