Nandrolone – The King Of Bulking Steroids

Since its development in the distant 1960 Nandrolone managed to keep its spot on the market as one of the most popular steroids. It is most known among bodybuilders with its brand name Durabolin and although there are many different products since then featuring the steroid Deca Durabolin is still the most popular one. However, a new brand Nandrolone Phenylpropionate has made an appearance on the market and shows signs of being even more effective. Besides being an excellent supplement thanks to its performance enhancing features it is highly valued in different medical fields for its other benefits. However the main reason professional bodybuilders and athletes love this product is its huge effect on bulking, which turns this product into the best off-seasn bulking cycle supplement. Sadly due to the steroid controversy in most countries the product hasn’t been as popular as its features might deserve.

Well in its core Nandrolone Decanoate is an anabolic androgenic steroid. In fact, it is similar to testosterone hormone but the carbon at 19th position is removed. Thanks to this slight alteration it possesses way lower androgenic rating, just 37 compared to testosterones 100, which makes the Nandrolone steroids the most tolerated steroid by the human body, which results in quite a low amount of side effects, with all of them being able to be controlled with proper use.

The nandrolone steroid possesses the regular effects of anabolic steroids like increased protein synthesis, increased IGF-1 and red blood cells production. The main difference is in the fact that Nandrolone is far better and effective than other steroids with the increase of nitrogen retention, which is the part responsible for building muscles and strengthening the muscle tissues. A different feature that separates Nandrolone is the enhancing of bone minerals, which leads to way faster recovery after workouts and even pain relief in case of achy joints or ligaments.

One of the most misunderstood points of Nandrolone is that many bodybuilders think of it as just a bulking steroid. It is true that it is most effective in this area, but there are many other positive effects you can extract from your usage. It is a great choice for an off-seasons professional, as the muscle gain will happen in slower fashion but with way high quality than other muscle gain steroids, avoiding gaining too many kilograms with sloppy mass. In addition thanks to its incredibly effective nitrogen retention characteristics, there will be an increase of strength in the muscles, although there is probably better strength increasing steroids on the market. And the main advantage of the steroid comes handy here, you will enjoy fast recovery for regular workouts. The Nandrolone steroid also has its place in the cutting cycle, although definitely not in as big dosages as in bulking period, as you are mostly using it for its therapeutic effects, avoiding any pain during this painful period. Also, it offers protection to the muscle tissues which might have other ways suffer from the lack of enough calorie intake.

Beside its bodybuilding use, the steroid is also commonly used as a treatment for chronical fatigue and depression, as well as many cases of anemia. The product has also been part of countless research experimentations in trying to find a cure for breast cancer and an important part of the treatment of severe burn injuries. However where it shines the most is as a treatment for osteoporosis and HIV.

It is quite important to add that this is one of the safest and side-effect free steroids on the market. There are a few of them, listed below but with proper usage and careful dosing you should be able to avoid them. The main side effect comes due to its estrogenic nature, which means that it will turn some of the testosterone in your body into estrogen, promoting water retention and gynecomastia. In case those side effects are not controlled and the usage is not lowered this might lead to high blood pressure as well. A useful trick here is to use anti-estrogen medicine. Acne and hair loss are different side effects, but they depend on more on the genetic history of your family. Women also have to be careful about virilization, which is an effect that will result in increased male characteristics in a female body : body hair growth and enlargement of the clitoris and this is the main reason why this product is not female friendly, although reducing the dosage will fix this issues.

The Nandrolone steroid is most often administered through injections, although there are options for Nandrolone tablets and Nandrolone pills with most athletes using about 400mg/weekly. In some specific situations increasing it might be useful, but this also increases the chances of side effects. The easiest and cheapest way to acquire the product is to buy Nandrolone online, as there are multiple dealers offering Nandrolone for sale. Sadly the product is a Schedule III substance, which means it is not available for purchase in the regular gym suppliers without a prescription. And this is quite saddening as the Nandrolone steroid is one of the most effective steroid and great for use from beginners and experts alike.