All You Need To Know About Anadrol 50

Anadrol 50 is one of the oldest steroid supplements in the market, dating way back to the 60’s. Initially, Adrol 50 was sold as a prescription drug to treat common ailments that cause deterioration to one’s physique. Soon enough, its therapeutic effects trickled down to the fitness world, where it’s a household name to date.

Inside Anadrol Steroid

The main ingredient in Anadrol steroids is the compound Oxymetholone. Scientifically, it’s described as a dihydrotestosterone (abbreviated as DHT) to mean it mimics the effects naturally produced male hormone, testosterone. Adrol 50 is sold as an oral steroid supplement both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Among the many anabolic steroids in the market, Anadrol pills are the only steroid supplements approved by the FDA. Thus, it’s easy to purchase it over-the-counter as a stacking-up product.

Stacking with Adrol Pills

Adrol 50 is the kind of steroid you can add, at any point, to your steroid cycle. Most bodybuilders refer to it as ‘the kick-starter’ for its excellent ability to prep the body for a steroid cycle. But it can never be used as a base steroid since it commonly acts as a steroid catalyst.

Result-wise, one can gain up to 30 pounds of lean mass in just 5 weeks of training. Another plus is the high boost in energy levels to step up workout endurance and sequentially your recovery period. Anadrol tablets are completely safe to use with any steroid cycle chosen by the fitness trainer or athlete.

This fast action of Adrol 50 is why it is a favorite among athletes or contesting bodybuilders. When used as recommended, and with lots of exercising and right diet, it gives the competing bodybuilder a covetable ripped physique in just weeks. the steroid has an amazing water and energy retention ability allowing the bodybuilder to use all carb loads and flaunt rock-hard abs while on stage. Bottom line, Anadrol steroid is the ideal primer when competing as an athlete or bodybuilder.

The other Face of Anadrol 50

The ingredients giving the steroid its power are also responsible for its bad sides or side effects. However, it’s possible to avoid these side effects if only you would use the Anadrol pills as prescribed by your doctor.

Anadrol steroid will produce estrogenic effects because its main ingredient, Oxymetholone, lacks aromatizing qualities.  As it gives a bulky ripped body in just weeks, it also uses the same speed to convert testosterone into estrogen. Here is another bummer, Anadrol steroid doesn’t respond to aromatase enzymes that inhibit the formation of estrogen.

Another bad side of Adrol 50 is its strong androgenic effects. If its use is prolonged or administered in the wrong way, it can lead to baldness, acne attacks or excessive hair growth in the body. But this will only happen to a man if you are genetically pre-disposed to the said conditions. For women, however, this androgenic side will create manly features—which is not the result you wanted in the first place.

If you have a problem with cholesterol, you should never go anywhere near Anadrol 50. Oxymetholone causes the suppression of HDL cholesterol in the body, leading to a buildup of bad fats in the body. This will tamper with your body’s cardiovascular activities which may translate to heart attacks or weight gains.

Like many of the anabolic steroids out there, Adrol 50 suppresses the production of natural testosterone during the stacking cycle. This eventually diminishes the testosterone levels in the body leaving the body vulnerable to estrogen. So with time, the masculine features begin to disappear while giving way to unwanted traits like gynaecomastia.

Finding a Safe Zone

The side effects notwithstanding, you can still buy Anadrol online and incorporate it to your steroid cycles. You only need to find a balance in your stacking cycle that will give the best results while limiting the side effects from occurring.

To begin with, you need to establish your Anadrol 50 threshold. This means finding the right dosage to your body needs. Consult a professional fitness trainer or physician to help calculate your threshold of doping with Anadrol steroid.

For the estrogenic effects, it’s important to supplement with testosterone during your cycle to keep your levels in balance. A testosterone therapy phase is also important to avoid falling into a low testosterone fete. Finally, the only way to keep your cholesterol levels in check is by watching your diet as you stack up and exercise.

Anadrol for sale can easily be obtained online in fitness or pharmaceutical websites. Your fitness trainer or physician can recommend where to get FDA approved Anadrol 50 for sale.