The Secrets Of Dianabol You Didn’t Know

When starting out as a bodybuilder, you have to admit you got tempted at some point to cut corners. So you did your homework and discovered Dianabol steroid and the super-fast results it gives. But here is the big question: is Dbol the right product for you?

Since you already know its anabolic properties, and its many nicknames, we’ll delve right into the good and bad side of Dianabol for sale. This should help you decide if you are going to pop your first pill or pass the whole bottle to your ripped gym buddy as a gift.

The Dosage

Each pill inside the supplement bottle contains about 10mg of Methandienone. The trick here is to find the right dosage that works for you. Some trainers will be okay with the whole 10mg a day or split the tablet into half—taking 5mg in the morning and evening.

Other bodybuilders will have a better threshold of the supplement and can go for the stronger 25 mg pill in a bottle. This means 12.5 mg in the morning and evening in case you want to split the dose. As a medical rule, no one should ever exceed the set dosage in a day—50 mg—beyond this mark, the excess will waste away or worse cause some known side effects.

The Good

It’s true what they say about d bol supplements and their ability to get you ripped fast. By nature, d-bol is highly anabolic with some mild androgenic traits. When ingested in the body, they cause rapid synthesis of proteins and increase protein build up all around body tissues. This process is insanely quick which is why most bodybuilders start gaining muscle in just weeks of dosing with Dianabol.

Another good side of this anabolic steroid is its energy providing capabilities. Besides rapid muscle build-up, D bol boosts your body energy within minutes of supplementing. This means that your endurance gets multiplied and you can last for longer hours in the gym. Also, Dianabol has a short half-life of 4 hours meaning it won’t stay long in the body to wreck havoc like many of the banned steroid products.

The D bol compound, Methandienone, also promotes high water retention in the body. This is why your body will start to look bulky and bigger as you continue your dosage with Dbol for sale. Because you will be taking the supplement orally, you don’t need to worry about injections or the time it takes to prep up your syringe.

All you need is popping one pill of Dianabol and head straight to your gym. You will feel stronger as you work out, your recovery period will be much better, and you don’t need to worry about any adverse side effects.

The Bad

Despite dbol being mildly androgenic, it doesn’t mean you still cannot have side effects. But here is the catch, you will only see the mean side of Dianabol if you dope with it the wrong way. First things first, you need to establish if you are the right candidate for the steroid supplement.

It is recommended to buy dianabol if you are intermediate or advanced bodybuilder. This means you cannot supplement with the product if you are just beginning as a weight lifter. This product works super fast and your body metabolism may get overwhelmed in the entire process.

For those experienced with the d-bol supplement, common mild side effects include headaches, bloating and minor body discomforts. This should be no cause for alarm as they will clear away with time. Just make sure you stick to the recommended dosage.

Nonetheless, you will often find cases of d bol abuse and this comes with drastic side effects. Because of the high hepatotoxic nature of the supplement, excessive usage will result to liver, kidney and bladder problems or worst gynecomastia in men—man boobs. Because it produces a lot of high energy, excess energy in the body after training can lead to anxiety, aggressiveness, or irritability.

Here is another not so fun fact that you need to know before heading to a local stockist to buy Dbol: when ingested into the body, it stops all production of testosterone while it converts to estrogen over time. You can already guess what this will do to your masculinity, so better find your threshold for the supplement and stick to it—religiously.

Bottom Line

Dianabol steroid has its good and bad sides and it all depends on how wise you are as a bodybuilder. If you discover you are a perfect fit for a Dbol cycle, make sure you throw in aromatase inhibitors and testosterone boosters for best results.